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Background Checks



Any adult coaching, or wanting to coach, for Norwood Athletic Club, is REQUIRED BY LAW  to complete and pass TWO background checks. They are the PA State Police Criminal Background Check AND The PA Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS) Check for a Child Abuse clearance.

Every coach, assistant coach, team parent, etc., must create an account for each of these background checks and apply.

Upon approval/verification you must submit VIA EMAIL to Norwood Athletic Club a DIGITIAL ADOBE PDF copy of the approval form to

You MUST Rename the Adobe PDF FILE AS YOUR NAME!
Any submission not named with YOUR NAME will not be filed!!!

These approvals will be collected by an NAC Background Check Registrar where they will be filed with the Club.

These verifications are FREE and good for FIVE (5) YEARS!

Volunteers who have not been cleared through these checks are NOT PERMITTED on the field/gym for games, practices, etc until he/she has applied and passed.

To Begin The Process FOR BOTH, Please Click The Logos or Links Below, OR Copy/Paste The Provided Links



Click the LOGO above or the link below to apply for the PA State Police Criminal Background Check - Use the "New Record Check (Volunteers Only)" button once your are on the PA State Police website - OR Copy/Paste the link below

NOTE: Once you click "Submit" after entering all your personal info, the PA State Police check is almost instantaneous. When it returns after a few seconds, click on the "CONTROL NUMBER" on the left next to your name, like the following picture:



After clicking the Control #, then click "CERTIFICATION FORM." Then simply click on "PRINT" ... and you will need to select the option to "PRINT AS ADOBE PDF" so it saves it to a PDF file ... just select the location on your PC where you want to save it. 
Be sure to NAME THE FILE PROPERLY BEFORE SAVING IT --- Ex: " Joe Schmoe PA State " .... The picts for this section are as follows:


THEN >>> Upload the PDF File to an Email, and send it to



Click the LOGO above or the link below to apply for the Child Abuse Background Check from the PA Child Welfare Information System (CWIS), OR Copy/Paste the link below